Artificial Intelligence ‘made in Chile’ enters the Australian mining market

The startup creator of Smart Mining Coach -the first digital assistant for mining 4.0- INDIMIN worked with the global company MOLYCOP under the challenge of developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model that allows them to increase the analytical potential that the P86 sensor system provides to mining, creating an instance of transcontinental collaboration.

The co-founder of INDIMIN, Álvaro Díaz, explained that “today the sector seeks to go beyond operational efficiency and safety. It seeks to empower decisions remotely and on the ground, transforming processes and making them sustainable. For this reason we apply all our experience in this challenge presented by Molycop, to improve the experience in the mining value chain ”.

The INDIMIN team focused on creating an AI model to facilitate the interaction of operators with the P86 sensor system provided by Molycop. The result of this combination (sensor, AI, operator) helps to create a more efficient grinding process, minimizing variability and energy consumption.

“This project required collaborative work from the beginning. The challenge was great but manageable, since we had a clear objective, focused on finding a way to improve the experience of the operators, giving them information in real time to help them maximize the usefulness of the P86 sensor system ”, stated the Project Manager , Vanessa Ramos.

In turn, Paul Shelley, Innovation Global Manager at Molycop, indicated that they sought Indimin because they had a solid reputation for improving performance by applying advanced analytical capabilities to the operator experience.

Indimin, through its digital platform and services, collaborates in Chile with mining companies such as Collahuasi, AngloAmerican, CMP, Antofagasta Minerals and with large suppliers such as Enaex.



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