Enaex and Indimin apply digital platforms to explosives delivery at Centinela

The optimisation of resources and improving efficiency in mining operations is the great challenge of innovation in the sector. In order to take on this challenge, Indimin, a Chilean start-up and creator of a leading digital assistant for mining (Smart Mining Coach), and Enaex, the global explosives major, the leading company in blasting services in Chile and the third largest producer of ammonium nitrate in the world, have executed a digital platform to facilitate the management of Antofagasta Minerals’ Centinela copper mine Mobile Manufacturing Unit (MMU) explosives trucks.

Enaex Bright® is the digital platform that, thanks to its two Fleet and Production Management modules, will facilitate the monitoring of explosives loading and manage digital information that will allow blasting results to be optimised, in addition to instantly handling accurate and detailed information that contributes to making timely decisions with the MMU trucks online.

“Our digital transformation strategy continues to advance steadily. For Enaex, this first stage together with Centinela and Indimin, marks an important step that differentiates us when it comes to delivering greater efficiency to our customers,” highlights Renato Ramirez, Enaex’s Digital Transformation Manager. To increase productivity and safety in the drilling process and achieve efficient blasting, Bright gives the status of MMU trucks online; monitors key indicators; summarises the most important variables by pit; provides transparency and accuracy of data; and is concerned with the formalisation of resources and certainty in their allocation. Enaex states: “For the first time, thanks to Enaex Bright, there will be a total visibility of what is happening in our operations and the possibility to access in real time relevant indicators such as truck availability, effective utilisation and operational losses in one click.”

“With a friendly interface to which logged in users will have access, information on the mine, the total fleet and the main performance indicators of the fleet can be reviewed,” explains Alvaro Diaz, Co-Founder and CEO of Indimin, highlighting that “has It has been an intense and very satisfactory process of creation that, we trust, will have very good results.”

Enaex Bright’s Production and Fleet Management modules are fully integrated with the Smart Mining Coach platform for Drilling and Blasting developed by Indimin, favouring interoperability. In this way, digital innovation for Mining 4.0 is further developed and being applied in Centinela, thanks to Indimin’s experience in platforms and Artificial Intelligence and Enaex’s 100 years of experience and trajectory in the explosives market.

Fuente: im-mining.com


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